2015 Reading List

This is a record of everything I’ve read for the first time in 2015.  I’ll update this post as I read more things!

In order to eventually create my Hugo nominating ballot for the year and help others find things they might like enough to nominate as well, I’ve separated out science fiction or fantasy published in 2015 into its own sections according to Hugo category.  Bolded entries are ones I enjoyed enough to recommend to others as potentially Hugo-worthy work, and I’ve also linked to the Amazon reviews I’ve written where applicable.


2015 Novels (at least 40,000 words):

  • Gemini Cell, Myke Cole
  • Flex and The Flux, Ferrett Steinmetz (review of The Flux)
  • State Machine, K.B. Spangler (review)
  • Belt Three, John Ayliff
  • Apex, Ramez Naam
  • Serpentine, Cindy Pon
  • Greek Key, K.B. Spangler
  • Seveneves, Neal Stephenson
  • Ancillary Mercy, Ann Leckie
  • Karen Memory, Elizabeth Bear
  • Aftermath, Chuck Wendig
  • The End of All Things, John Scalzi (author declines Hugo consideration)
  • Sword, Amy Bai
  • Pocket Apocalypse, Seanan McGuire

2015 Novellas (17,500 to 40,000 words):

  • Sorcerer of the Wildeeps, Kai Ashante Wilson
  • Binti, Nnedi Okorafor

2015 Novelettes (7,500 to 17,500 words):

  • TBD

2015 Short Stories (less than 7,500 words):


Non-2015 works read in 2015:

  • The Lives of Tao and The Deaths of Tao, Wesley Chu
  • Thieftaker and Thieves’ Quarry, D.B. Jackson
  • Ancillary Sword, Ann Leckie
  • The Adventures of Amir Hamza, Ghalib Lakhnavi and Abdulla Bilgrami, tr. Musharraf Ali Farooqi (abandoned)
  • Nine Goblins, T Kingfisher
  • Worm, Wildbow (in progress)
  • Libriomancer and Codex Born, Jim Hines
  • Vicious, V.E. Schwab
  • Blood Magic, GatewayGirl
  • Shades of Milk and Honey, Mary Robinette Kowal
  • Kensei and The Devil, You Say, Jeremy Zimmerman
  • The Goblin Emperor, Katherine Addison
  • Station Eleven, Emily St. John Mandel
  • Dead to Me, Mary McCoy
  • The Three-Body Problem, Cixin Liu, tr. Ken Liu
  • The Dark Between the Stars, Kevin J. Anderson (abandoned)
  • Lock In, John Scalzi
  • The Rhesus Chart, Charles Stross
  • Velveteen vs. The Junior Super-Patriots and Velveteen vs. The Multiverse, Seanan McGuire
  • Alif the Unseen, G. Willow Wilson
  • The complete Merchant Princes series, Charles Stross
  • We Could Be Villains, Missy Meyer
  • Helen of Sparta, Amalia Carosella
  • Ready Player One, Ernest Cline
  • The Martian, Andy Weir
  • “As Good As New”, Charlie Jane Anders
  • “The End of the End of Everything”, Dale Bailey
  • “Mrs. Sorensen and the Sasquatch”, Kelly Barnhill
  • “Sleep Walking Now and Then”, Richard Bowes
  • “Daughter of Necessity”, Marie Brennan
  • “Brisk Money”, Adam Christopher
  • Nexus and Crux, Ramez Naam
  • Fudoki, Kij Johnson
  • Save the Cat, Blake Snyder
  • Jumpstart Your Novel, Mark Teppo



I’ve decided to start doing some long-form blogging, and I’m going to repurpose Pyrlogos to do so.  The comics won’t be going away, but the Comicpress theme will, and I’ll be editing the posts to include image links to comics (or whatever I need to do to make them appear reasonably in the archives).

Just so you know.  Changes inbound.  See you on the proverbial flipside…

I’ve been putting this off.

It’s been hard to figure out how to approach the subject; I’m still not quite sure just how “done” I am with Pyrlogos I am right now.  The world still interests me; the story still interests me; the characters still won’t get out of my head.  But I’ve been pretty deeply unsatisfied with the way I’ve written the story so far, and trying to figure out how to address that has been one of the things I was hoping for a few months to resolve so I could move on with the comic.  But it’s not happening, and my immediate priorities have moved on to other things, and it’s time I admit that Pyrlogos is essentially dead at this point.

I’m not done with Pyrlogos, as a whole – but I’m not really convinced I’m capable of telling the story as a serial comic at this point.  I hope to pick up the project again some day, in some incarnation or another, and when I do I’ll be posting about it here.  But for now, well, I don’t have any plans to continue it in its current state.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for leaving things like this.

Page 030: Down the Hill

Apologies for the delay.  I spent November working on plotting (during National Novel Writing Month), and though I’ve had this sketched since late October I didn’t get it together enough to even ink it until a couple weeks ago.

The new year will likely bring some changes in the way I handle Pyrlogos – hopefully for the better.  We’ll see how things go.

Page 029: Intermediate Chemic

Sorry for the delay; October’s schedule shift hit me like a brick to the side of the head.  I’m shooting for November 2nd for the next update, but I can’t make any guarantees yet…

Enjoy the comic!

Life continues to get in the way…

Page 029 is mostly done, but between sleeping issues and trying to rework my schedule to accomodate the curling season starting, I haven’t quite been able to finish it.  It should be up by Wednesday at the latest.

In related news, Pyrlogos updates are going to be about this spotty for another few weeks, until I can get things to settle down again.  If you don’t want to have to check the site and see no new updates, we do have an RSS feed you can use…

No comic this week

I had a pretty rough week last week, for a few different reasons.  Long story short, page 029 will go up Monday, October 12th.  See you then!

Page 028: Drawing Things Out

Another Monday, another comic.  The title of this page is in no way meant to comment on the pacing of this comic.

Page 027: An Appointment

I hope you all had a suitably piratey weekend!  Happy Equinox, everyone.

Page 026: Aural Sensitivity

Last week, I provided some guest art for the excellent webcomic ErfworldMy guest art appears here with one of the mostly-prose summer updates, but if you haven’t been reading Erfworld, I would highly recommend starting from page one.

If you’re here from Erfworld, welcome!  I hope you’re enjoying the comic so far.  This is largely a story-driven comic, so here I also recommend starting from page one.

And thanks of course to Rob for letting me fill in for a bit.  It’s always fun playing around with different characters than usual.