I’ve decided to start doing some long-form blogging, and I’m going to repurpose Pyrlogos to do so.  The comics won’t be going away, but the Comicpress theme will, and I’ll be editing the posts to include image links to comics (or whatever I need to do to make them appear reasonably in the archives).

Just so you know.  Changes inbound.  See you on the proverbial flipside…


#1 Chris Battey on 08.27.15 at 9:19 pm

And yes, the new theme is boring. It’s a placeholder.

#2 Chris Battey on 08.31.15 at 8:12 pm

Also, basically all the registered users on Pyrlogos at the moment are fake accounts. I’m going to be wiping out most if not all of the registered accounts soon.

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