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Page 021: Elemental

I’m slowly getting ahead on comic work. I’m hoping in the next month or two I’ll have some time to work on the website design and maybe some other artwork on the side. Details will be posted here as available!

Page 020: Now in Spike-o-Vision

Looks like we’re back on track! Next comic will be up Monday, August 3rd.

Page 019: Really A Nice Guy

And we’re back! My lovely wife bought me a Cintiq as a wedding present, and my comic production has already sped way up! I’m aiming for weekly again, but I’m not going to guarantee anything quite yet. All the same, I hope to have the next page up on Monday the 27th.

Page 018: A Bit of Tension

Getting used to the new tablet took some doing, so my lineart’s a bit weird in this one.  Getting better, though.

Page 017: Terin Sunspar

Dun dun DUN.

Sorry for the delayed comic; curling competition, wedding planning, and illness all conspired to keep me from finishing this until now.

Page 016: How To Meet Girls

Next page goes up Monday, April 6th.  See you then!

Page 015: Orientation

Got a bit of shading left to do; expect that in the next day or two. I would have gotten it done, if it weren’t for that meddling Daylight Savings Time! *shakes fist*

Edit: Shaded version is posted, also with improved backgrounds!

Page 014: Moving In

Next week’s comic might be late; we’ve had to deal with a sick kitty this week.  He’s doing better, though.

Page 013: Water Magic

Had a lot of fun with the effects on this one.  See you in a week!

Page 012: Blow by Blow

Not much to say here, other than: thanks for reading!