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SDCC Promo

We\’re in San Diego this weekend for Comic-Con!  We\’ve got postcards with this image on the freebie table near registration.  The text on the back is a bit spoilery, in that back-cover-of-a-book sort of way.  I\’ll be wandering around the con all weekend.

Also, I\’m going to be updating on Mondays from now on.  You can see the new page at work Monday morning (for those of you who prefer to do your comic reading there), and I get the weekend to finish up the comic.

So, look for Page 6 on Monday, August 4th!

Page 005: Departure

I\’m off to the San Diego Comic Con next week!  I\’ve got some shiny postcard-fliers printed up to hand out there.

I\’m also moving this weekend, and will be spending the next two weeks in a Schroedinger-style uncertain state where I\’m not quite living at the old place, and not quite living at the new place.  Accordingly, next weekend\’s update will contain the artwork for the postcard – introducing the faces of a few new characters we haven\’t quite met yet, and a bit more about Aidan\’s magical talents

Page 004: The Question

To be answered soon enough, I\’m sure.

Page 003: Forceball