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Page 007 fully colored

I finished the coloring, shading, and magic effects for Page 007. Check it out.

The partially finished page is available here.

Page 007: Tunnel Established

Not quite done with this page – had family visiting over the weekend. The rest of the colors and the shading should be up tomorrow night.

I\’ll be at PAX in Seattle this weekend! I\’ll have some Pyrlogos postcards with me, hopefully handing them out.

Update: Page is finished!  Old one here.

No comic this week.

Between moving/unpacking and a few nights in a row of getting paged awake at stupid o\’clock in the morning, I\’m far enough behind on the comic that I\’d rather just put it up next Monday than continue trying to play catch-up.  And that way, I can start working on a buffer (hopefully!) and this won\’t happen again (hopefully!).

See you next Monday.

Comments enabled!

I had turned the option off when I was setting up the site, and I had forgotten to turn it back on until a few people reminded me this weekend.

Comments are open.  More accurately, user registration is open, and registration/login is required for commenting.

Page 006 updated in color

The full color version of page 006 is now available.

Page 006: Portal Bay

Spent the weekend moving stuff into our new house.  As a result, this page was originally uploaded in black-and-white.

No comics for now…

I had to suddenly fly out to Michigan for a family emergency.  Moving last month pretty much sapped my entire buffer, so I don\’t have anything ready.  I\’ll hopefully have another comic ready on Monday, August 11th, but I can\’t really be certain about that.