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I\’ve been putting this off.

It\’s been hard to figure out how to approach the subject; I\’m still not quite sure just how \”done\” I am with Pyrlogos I am right now.  The world still interests me; the story still interests me; the characters still won\’t get out of my head.  But I\’ve been pretty deeply unsatisfied with the way I\’ve written the story so far, and trying to figure out how to address that has been one of the things I was hoping for a few months to resolve so I could move on with the comic.  But it\’s not happening, and my immediate priorities have moved on to other things, and it\’s time I admit that Pyrlogos is essentially dead at this point.

I\’m not done with Pyrlogos, as a whole – but I\’m not really convinced I\’m capable of telling the story as a serial comic at this point.  I hope to pick up the project again some day, in some incarnation or another, and when I do I\’ll be posting about it here.  But for now, well, I don\’t have any plans to continue it in its current state.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for leaving things like this.