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Page 028: Drawing Things Out

Another Monday, another comic.  The title of this page is in no way meant to comment on the pacing of this comic.

Page 027: An Appointment

I hope you all had a suitably piratey weekend!  Happy Equinox, everyone.

Page 026: Aural Sensitivity

Last week, I provided some guest art for the excellent webcomic Erfworld!  My guest art appears here with one of the mostly-prose summer updates, but if you haven\’t been reading Erfworld, I would highly recommend starting from page one.

If you\’re here from Erfworld, welcome!  I hope you\’re enjoying the comic so far.  This is largely a story-driven comic, so here I also recommend starting from page one.

And thanks of course to Rob for letting me fill in for a bit.  It\’s always fun playing around with different characters than usual.

Page 025: Terin and Meliantha

Sorry for the late comic!  I had a blast at PAX this weekend, but that didn\’t leave a lot of time for finishing the comic.  At least it\’s still Monday!