Weekly Charity Match #010: CAIR, continued

Multiple court orders later, Trump\’s attempt to ban many Muslims from entering the United States appears to have largely failed.  However, Islamophobia continues to play a large role in the new president\’s conception of foreign affairs.

Last Week: ACLU

Thanks to donors Jessica, Lorna Q., Kelly D., Christine H., Eric A., Lara H., Maria E., and an anonymous donor, we raised $2,815 for the ACLU.  Wow.  It was a big week for the ACLU overall, receiving nearly $30 million in donations, and I\’m glad we could be a part of that.

Also, congratulations to Christine H., winner of January\’s art giveaway!  A new month means a new giveaway; donations from February 1st through the 28th are eligible for February\’s prize of a hand-drawn and colored portrait of anyone you want.

This Week: CAIR

\"\"With the outpouring of support for the ACLU, I feel like I kind of short-changed the Council on American-Islamic Relations by including them in the same matching week; I didn\’t come close to meeting my matching limit.  They\’re doing important work, not just filing lawsuits on behalf of American Muslims but also fighting the broader trends of Islamophobia.  They\’re going to be pretty busy during this presidency.  Donate to CAIR here, and forward your donation receipt to matching@pyrlogos.com – I will continue matching donations up to the $500 limit I set last week.  (Donations to one of their regional chapters – like CAIR Seattle – will also count!)

Call to Action

After multiple delays and a lot of bad publicity, the Senate is voting on Betsy DeVos\’s nomination as Secretary of Education today (February 6th).  We are so close to successfully defeating this nominee – one of the worst prospective members of one of the worst Cabinets the country has ever seen.  If you see this before the final vote happens, call your senator and request that they vote against confirming Ms. DeVos.  After that vote happens, keep on your senators to oppose the other odious nominations – and push back against the appointment of Steve Bannon to the National Security Council as well.


#1 Richard on 02.09.17 at 11:31 am

I don’t know if you’re limited to American charities, but, if not…

Some of the refugees affected by Trump’s actions aren’t staying in the U.S.; they’re heading north into Canada. Manitoba, and its capital of Winnipeg, are a popular destination.


The Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council runs a service called “Welcome Place,” but, according to that Macleans article, resources are tight, and they’ll likely get tighter if Trump causes a greater flow of refugees across the border. If he hasn’t already.

I donated myself, but I have little help my own donation will make that much of a difference.

#2 Chris Battey on 02.09.17 at 12:05 pm

Thanks for the info! I’m glad to hear about Welcome Place, and I’ve added it to my list of potential future charities.

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