Weekly Charity Match #012: The Trevor Project

Thanks to work, in the past week I haven\’t been paying as much attention to the news as I had been for the last few weeks.  It\’s relaxing in the short term – but so is playing video games while your house burns down around you.  One bit of news that has broken through, however, is a certain inflammatory, racist, doxxing transphobe losing his speaking gigs and book deal because of his support for pedophilia.  I\’m appalled that it took as long as it did for the media establishment to decide that they shouldn\’t be giving Milo a platform, but better late than never, I suppose?

Edit: I had originally written this before the news broke about Trump and Sessions revoking the Obama-era guidance on allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms they feel comfortable using.  This attack on trans people\’s right to even exist in public is of a piece with Milo\’s transphobia, but far more dangerous.

Last Week: Amnesty International

Thanks to Maria E., last week we donated a total of $35 to Amnesty International.

This Week: The Trevor Project

LGBTQ people across America are under attack right now, whether from transphobic hatred masquerading as \”free speech\” or from the Vice President\’s agenda of redirecting AIDS funding to abusive \”conversion therapy\” programs.  The Trevor Project is a crisis support organization for LGBTQ teenagers and young adults.  They run a suicide hotline over phone, instant message, or text message, available 24/7.

Donate to the Trevor Project and we\’ll match the first $100 in donations – forward your donation receipt to matching@pyrlogos.com to have your donation counted, and also be entered into our monthly art giveaway for donors.

Call to Action

It\’s hard to keep pressing forward week after week.  Take some time for self-care if you need it.  Find others around you in need of care as well.  Help your community survive, and keep resisting.

If you\’re up for calling your representatives, consider putting pressure on them to support the investigation into Trump\’s Russian connections.  While impeachment and conviction of Trump won\’t solve all of our problems – Pence is in some ways worse – it will at least deescalate some of the biggest problems currently being caused by the presidency.

Edit: Today, I have also seen an excellent suggestion for action on Twitter (though I don\’t recall the source at the moment): call your local school board, superintendent, or even individual schools and voice your support for allowing trans students to use the bathrooms they choose to use.  This hatred is, in large part, being pushed on us by the government, the Republican establishment, and a small number of transphobic activists, but the fact that we outnumber the transphobes only matters if we make our voices heard.


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